Ahn Jae Hong’s Acting as the Wavering Kim Joo Man in ‘Fight for My Way’ is Deemed as Realistic and True

In KBS’ drama ‘Fight For My Way’, Ahn Jae Hong portrays the role of Kim Joo Man, a guy who has been in a 6 years relationship with his girlfriend, Baek Seol Hee. However, Kim Joo Man has started to show different behavior toward Seol Hee. Ahn Jae Hong’s acting as Kim Joo Man attracted the attention of the drama’s audience.

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The 5th episode of ‘Fight for My Way’ begins to show a rift in the couple’s 6-yearelationship. Kim Joo Man, who has started lying to Seol Hee, captured the attention of the audience through the story of a realist couple. Kim Joo Man’s lies to Baek Seol Hee made the crowd upset. However, after hearing Kim Joo Man’s honesty, the audience can not hate him.

Baek Seol Hee confirmed the message that an intern sent to Kim Joo Man. The intern provides a message to prepare the presentation together. Then Baek Seol Hee starts to lure Kim Joo Man about plans at the weekend, and is answered honestly by Kim Joo Man. However, Kim Joo Man did not mention that the person who invited him was an woman intern.

Image source: KBS

Anxious, Kim Joo Man finally confessed to Baek Seol Hee, “I have lied. I am sorry”.

Kim Joo Man’s behavior that reflects the reality of dating makes the audience also hate him, even though it did not last long, as Ahn Je Hong could perfectly displays the reality of a six-years old relationship, from boredom to an accustomed lover, a moment of jealousy, forgiveness, and frustration.

Kim Joo Man, who first broke the trust, directly apologized and saved the relationship. In addition, the reality of Ahn Jae Hong’s acting role of a realistic boyfriend is also impatiently anticipated.

‘Fight for My Way’ airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 pm KST.

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