Jo Jung Suk Participated in Gummy’s Comeback Album

Recently, it was reported that actor Jo Jung Suk participated in the newest album of his girlfriend, singer Gummy.

Image source: C-Jes Entertainment

On June 5th, Gummy held a celebration for the release of her 5th album, ‘STROKE’. At the event, Gummy shared a story about making a song called ‘Shall I Go Out’ along with her boyfriend Jo Jung Suk. She said, “Jo Jung Suk is a very talented person who always cares about music.”

She went on to say, “We shared a lot of ideas, especially for this album.”

Image source: C-Jes Entertainment

‘Shall I Go Out’ is a song that expresses gratitude for everyday life. Jo Jung Suk played the guitar in this song.

Meanwhile, Gummy has released the song ‘I I YO’ from her 5th album ‘STROKE’. In the album, which is produced by Gil, Gummy will show a variety of different genres, ranging from hip-hop, soul R & B, ballad, and others.

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