[RANK AND TALK] 5 Recommended Idol’s Christmas Carol Songs

5 idols who remind us of Christmas! They released beautiful Christmas carol songs. Who are they? Many idols also release albums at Christmas, this is the idol recommendation that released the Christmas album. With fun songs and atmosphere, year-end parties are prepared with a variety of music.

 1. BTOB – ‘The Winter’s Tale’ & ‘You Can Cry’

 Always smile, just like the white snow
Cover the world with your bright smile
That’s all I need,be happy so I can be at peace

Image Source : Cube Entertainment

The first recommended song is ‘Winter’s Tale’ and ‘I Can Cry’ for rich winter sounds. One who let himself sing happily without crying in ‘Winter’s Tale’, a song that hopes to return when the lost lover is gone. The most preferred part in this song is “I can Cry, Santa is alone” a song typical for emotional vocals.

2. IU – Merry Christmas in Advance

When the snow comes down.

When the whole world is filled with it

The flower blossoms covered in snow shine

Like you who shines

Image Source : LOEN Entertainment

IU’s unique voice and impressive lyrics. Despite this was released in 2010, it feels like a song just released last year. Especially when the snow falls, will you remember this song?

3. TaeTi Seo ‘Dear Santa’

Waiting for Santa all night
This feeling of greeting a young day
I feel like you will secretly come to me
So I turned around to look
What I’ve been dreaming of every day,
I want to receive a confession tonight
In that moment, if white snow falls
It’ll be the Christmas of my imagination

Image Source : SM Entertainment

Tae Ti Seo’s carol song ‘Dear Santa’. Pray for Santa to send love. This is a fun song to wait for Christmas. The changing part of the middle section is very good. Moreover, a beautiful MV that shows the charm of the singers. SNSD is always beautiful, but Tae Ti Seo in the MV looks very beautiful. Looking at these beautiful eonni, it feels warm, this is surely a recommended song.

4. EXO ‘Miracles in December’

The selfish me, who always only knew myself
The heartless me, who didn’t even know your heart
Even I can’t believe that
I changed like this
Your love keeps moving me

Image Source : SM Entertainment

EXO is not just a group that likes to dance, but also writes ballad songs. But this is a very good song! The ballad song we recommend. Hearing this song at the end of December, our hearts will become warm.

 5. B1A4 – It’s Christmas Time

Open your eyes darling
It’s Christmas
If you look outside
White snow is falling
Look at this white world
My heart beats faster without reason
I can’t control this feeling
Even if it’s just for a while
I want to feel the snow outside

Image Source : WM Entertainment

Everyone’s friends on Christmas right
I just wanna be a good friend
I just wanna be a good friend
Everyone’s together on Christmas right
I just wanna be a good friend

B1A4’s winter song is ‘It’s Christmas’. Christmas song written by Jinyoung, not a song that is too fast but still entertaining. This song does not have an MV. B1A4 replaces it by singing. This song has good sound quality. We will feel Christmas vibe with B1A4 !!

Let’s listen to the idol Christmas songs in 2017. We will fall in love with their Christmas music!