Gummy Releases the 5th Album, ‘STROKE’

Gummy proved her existence as a musician who has debuted for 15 years with the release of her 5th album after 9 years.

On June 5th at 6 pm KST, Gummy officially released her 5th album titled ‘STROKE’. The album received a positive response from the listeners and directly topped the first position on various music charts.

Image source: C-Jes Entertainment

Gummy said, “This music is an ordinary story that can be shared with the people who are in need of support. I hope this song can become a solace for people”. The main song of this album is ‘I I YO’, which is highlighting the message not to give up on chasing your dreams. Through this song, the listeners can feel the energy of Gummy. In addition, Gummy tried different genres in this album, from ballad, hip-hop, R & B, to Soul.

Image source: C-Jes Entertainment

Gummy again proved herself as a good singer through her live performance that amazes the audience. Gummy appeared in Naver V Special to promote and celebrate the release of her album. He sings the new songs and her other popular songs, such as ‘Memory Loss’, ‘Childish Adult’, ‘You are my everything’, and more.

In addition, Gummy shared the story behind her music video which is starring Kim Jae Joong and performed various OST songs.

Meanwhile, the public can listen to Gummy’s 5th album titled ‘STROKE’ via online music sites.

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