Netizen Comments On Kim Se Jeong’s Appearance As the Female Lead in ‘School 2017’

Just a year building her career as a member of Gugudan, Kim Se Jung has been selected to be the main cast in a drama. Netizens judged that it is too soon.

Kim Se Jung is chosen to be the female lead in the KBS2 ‘School 2017’ series after actress Kim Yoo Jung reportedly rejected the role. Suddenly, this attracts public attention.

‘School’ series has produced many top Korean stars, such as Ha Ji Woon, Jo In Sung, Gong Yoo, Im Soo Jung, and Lee Yoo Ri. Therefore, it is not surprising that the details of ‘School 2017’ are always in the spotlight. Many of the newcomer actors, actresses, and singers or idols who participated in the ‘School’ series got their popularity after starring in this series. In a way, this series is a project that has never failed.

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Kim Se Jung’s face began to be known since she participated in Mnet ‘Produce 101’ season 1. She then underwent various activities as a member of I.O.I before debuting with Gugudan. Kim Se Jeong has also appeared on variety show ‘Law of the Jungle’. Because of her fun and versatile personality, Kim Se Jeong earned the nickname ‘God Se Jeong’ in the program.

However, actually, Kim Se Jeong has no experience in acting. Although ‘School 2017’ is a gateway for the newcomers, netizens judge that the production team must determine the right choice.

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In response to the netizen assessment, the production of ‘School 2017’ says, “Kim Se Jeong has a unique personality, as well as a spirit of leadership that matches the character of Eun Ho. When we met Kim Se Jung, she feels just like Ra Eun Ho in the script. Her cheerfulness is expected to bring up a good acting potential in ‘School 2017”.

Since this is an unexpected option, Kim Se Jeong is expected to be able to change her image as an idol into an actress. Will there be a good synergy of Kim Se Jung’s selection as the female lead character? Let’s find out in ‘School 2017’ which will air in July.

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