Still Unconscious, TOP Is Treated in the Emergency Room

BIGBANG TOP, who is reported using marijuana, was rushed to the ER at midnight. It is said that TOP took too many antidepressants so that he was rushed to the nearest hospital for further treatment.

However, the hospital stated that TOP’s condition is in a ‘critical’ situation and creates many contradictions about TOP’s health condition.

Image source: Cosmopolitan

The police explained, “We tried to wake TOP who was asleep, but he did not go up and decided to take him to the hospital. It seems he consumed too many antidepressants. There is no abnormality in the test results, and he still responds when someone called his name or if someone makes a physical contact”.

The police added, “TOP is still unconscious because of the sleeping pill in his treatment. Once the drug comes out of his system within a day or two, he will regain his health back”.

The information from the hospital about TOP’s ‘critical condition’ creates a huge speculation for the public. Later, YG Entertainment delivered, “TOP is still in the ER and accompanied by his mother”. The statement, of course, makes the fans even more worried.

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