Lee Si Young’s Calm Behavior is the Main Point of ‘Lookout’

In the episode of MBC drama ‘Lookout’ which aired on June 6 yesterday, Lee Si Young saved a rape victim and arrested the culprit.

Lee Si Young was delighted when she managed to hit a rapist who committed a crime without feeling sorry at all.

image source: MBC

Lee Si Young’s success in capturing the rapist made the public start to regard her as a hero, not a traitor. The community began to demand for the case of Lee Si Young’s daughter to be revealed again. For one year, Lee Si Young has served as a guard in an attempt to capture the perpetrator who killed her daughter.

Lee Si Young also worked hard to keep her mother away from other detective spies. In the part where she shed tears and apologize to herself, the audience also weep along with her. The scene was very touching for anyone who watched it.

In ‘Lookout’, Lee Si Young plays the central role as a reliable guard who leads and steers members of ‘Lookout’ calmly, relying on her intuition and observation as a former criminal.

‘Lookout’ airs every Monday-Tuesday at 10 pm KST.

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