Korean Entertainers Who are Dating Professional Athletes

Model Han Hye Jin and professional baseball athlete Cha Woo Chan have confirmed their relationship. Both couples have attracted public’s attention. The woman admits her relationship with LG Twins baseball player Cha Woo Chan, a professional baseball athlete who is also a representative of LG Twins.

Image source: KSTAR

In 2013, Han Hye Jin, who is involved SBS ‘Ugly Ducking’ talk show show is married to Ki Su Yong. The couple started dating after ‘Park Ji Sung Soccer Charity Event’ in 2011. In 2012, both of them confirmed their dating rumor in ‘Healing Camp’. Three months after that, they got married in March of 2013 and got a lot of support. Actress Yoo Ha Na and professional baseball player Lee Yong Goo got married on December 17, 2011. The coupple have been married for 7 years.Basketball athlete Park Jung Eun is married to her husband, Han Sang Jin. Han Sang Jin encouraged his wife when she became a country representative in the Olympics, although she did not get a medal but he considered his wife and other athletes pride of the country.

Image source: KSTAR

Aside from artists, sports stars are also often hit by dating rumors, for example, Park Hae Hwan in 2014. He was reported dating news reader Jang Ye Won. Park Tae Hwan and Jang Ye Won were caught several times but Park Tae Hwan dismissed the dating rumor, saying that their relationship is only as close acquaintance. Ice skating athlete Kim Yeon Ah also can not avoid dating rumors. In 2014, he confessed to be dating another ice skating athlete Kim Won Jung. But some time after confessing, Kim Yeon Ah and Kim Won Joong split up. In 2005, soccer athlete Son Hoong Min was reportedly dating Girl’s Day Min Ah. In 2015 he is also rumored to be dating actress Yoo So Yeong.