BIGBANG TOP Is Allowed to Go Home on June 9

After getting an intensive treatment at ICU, Big Bang’s TOP is finally released following the procedure after being treated for 4 days. On June 9th, at Seoul’s Yangcheon-gu Mokdong Hospital, TOP went from the ICU on the 5th floor, and moved to another hospital. The hospital said, “He (TOP) is currently following an out-of-hospital procedure. Because there is no stable ward”.

Image Source: YG Entertainment

That day, at 8:40 pm, the reporters saw TOP walking from his room. Previously the hospital said, “his vital organs are back to normal”. He has recovered and all that was left was for him to follow a treatment, but it is possible for him to change hospital under a supervision.

Meanwhile, on June 6th at Seoul Yangcheon-gu, TOP was found unconscious. Due to the overdose of a nervous system prescription he used on the night before on the 5th. The military officials carried an unconscious TOP to the nearest emergency room, and he began to get an intensive treatment.

Image Source: YG Entertainment

On the third day after he was admitted to the ICU room, TOP gained consciousness on June 8th and the following day there was the possibility that he could get out of the hospital and undergo a treatment. After his condition improved, TOP will be assessed by the military and decided by the court.

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