Nam Goong Min’s Confidence Brings ‘Falsify’ to Rank First in Monday-Tuesday Drama Slot

Actor Nam Goong Min challenges himself to a home run with 4 consecutive dramas. Starting with Remember: War of the Son, Beautiful Gong Shim, and Chief Kim, Nam Goong Min has repeatedly done three hit drama series! Thus, the success of his fourth drama, Falsify, is already anticipated.

Nam Goong Min’s new appearance as a reporter has attracted the public. “My character is a ‘Giregi’, who only works because he wants money, but in the end, my character becomes a reporter for the sake of justice,” said the actor about his character.

Image source: K-STAR

Nam Goong Min said that he expected a good reaction from the audience. “Whenever I talk about viewership ratings, I want to get 10% more than the ratings I get, so if the rating reaches more than 37%, I would be very happy.”

With Nam Goong Min’s confidence, Falsify earned the first place in Monday-Tuesday drama slot with only 1 episode! We hope this drama will continue its success.