Will tvN Return to Its Heyday with ‘Secret Forest’?

tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama, ‘Secret Forest’ earned amazing response from fans.

Strong plot and qualified players make this drama successfully drew a high audience rating. The rating even increased from the 1st episode to the 2nd episode.

Image source: tvN

‘Secret Forest’ became an highly interesting drama as its starring Jo Seung Woo and Bae Doo Na. The drama is Hollywood actress Bae Doo Na’s comeback drama after 8 years and also Jo Seung Woo’s comeback after 3 years ago.

‘Secret Forest’ shows its success from the first episode. Jo Seung Woo and Bae Doo Na’s realistic acting attracted the attention of the audience, in addition, the power of the plot makes this drama a success, as it exceeded audience’s expectation.

Image source: tvN

Audience satisfaction is almost the same as what they felt when watching tvN’s ‘Signal’. To be honest, lately, tvN’s popularity has been declining after the extraordinary success of ‘Goblin’. However, thanks to ‘Secret Forest’, tvN can strengthen its position once more.

Netizens also said that tvN’s dramas after ‘Signal’ and ‘Goblin’ are mostly disappointing, but the response does not apply to ‘Secret Forest’.

Image source: tvN

The success of this drama is almost equivalent to the success of ‘Signal’ and ‘Goblin’ last year. ‘Secret Forest’ has won the love of the audience, just like the ‘Unforgettable Signal’ and the ‘Unforgettable Goblin’.

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