Interesting Stories Behind Korean and Hollywood Movie Castings

For movie actors/actresses, starring in a special work can change their career path. However, there are also some stars who inevitably have to reject a masterpiece.

Image source: K STAR

Last year, there was an issue of a’Twilight’ reboot, which attracted enormous attention. However, actress Ashley Green, who starred as Alice Cullen in ‘The Twilight Saga’ series, revealed that she could not join the reboot because she was already too old. Also, the movie ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ which roles were originally offered toDakota Fanning. However, Dakota Fanning said she could not play the character because she did not want to cut her hair. The role was then given to Sofia Vassilieva.

It was reported that there’s an interesting story behind Emma Stone’s casting in La La Land. Actually, the Emma that was hoped to play as the female lead of the movie was Emma Watson. Unfortunately, it was reported that Emma Watson asked for all rehearsals to be done in London, but the production team felt burdened by the request. Therefore, they chose Emma Stone instead. It was also reported that ‘The Expendable’, which is directed by Sylvester Stallone, tried to offer a role to Rain. However, Rain had to reject it because he was undergoing his solo world tour.

Image source: K STAR

There are also few actors who rejected successful works, for example, Cha In Pyo and Kim Hee Sun. It’s quite ironic that Kim Hee Sun’s rejected dramas have always been successful in the market, for example, the drama ‘Autumn in My Heart’, which role landed to Song Hye Gyo, ‘Winter Sonata’ to Choi Ji Woo, and ‘Sorry, I Love You’ to Im Soo Jung. The same thing goes for Cha In Pyo. The actor had rejected many successful movies, such as ‘Shiri’, ‘The Contact’, ‘Joint Security Area’, and ‘Friend’.

Image source: K STAR

Stories of idols’ castings are also interesting. Suzy became the icon of First Love through her role in ‘Architecture 101’. However, the idol that was initially offered the role was not Suzy, but SNSD’s Seo Hyun. Hyuna also rejected a role in the movie called ‘The Wailing’ because the director of ‘The Wailing’ wanted Hyuna to radiate a different energy from what she usually shows off on stage.

A lot of stars are successful because of a particular work, but there are works that are successful after they got rejected by many top stars. Just like our lives, we never know the end result of our choices, all we can do is try.