‘Seven Day Queen’ Park Min Young and Yeon Woo Jin’s Romance Filled with Both Happiness and Grief

KBS 2TV ‘Seven Day Queen’ is a mixture of romantic-comedy drama and a sad one. An incredible amount of imagination is added to the characters and the background of the historical events.

On June 15th, in episode 6 of the drama ‘Seven Day Queen’, the atmosphere of romance fiction is depicted brilliantly. Shin Chae Kyung (Park Min Young) is able to make the audience’s heart throbs with anticipation. When Lee Yeok tries to get rid of his feelings, viewers also feel the pain that Lee Yeok suffered. Because of Shin Chae Kyung, Lee Yong (Lee Dong Gun) becomes a good figure and moves the viewers’ hearts.

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The episode begins with a surprising kiss from Lee Yeok to Shin Chae Kyung. Lee Yeok tries to get rid of Shin Chae Kyung. After the kiss, Shin Chae Kyung starts to believe that the man is actually Prince Jinsung. Finally, Shin Chae Kyung searches for Lee Yeok in the morning. In order to get Lee Yeok’s heart, she visits the Gisaeng residence and dresses beautifully.

When Lee Yeok sees Shin Chae Kyung, of course, his heart keeps pounding. He has been suffering for 5 years to regain his life and was angry when he saw Shin Chae Kyung get close to Lee Yong. Lee Yeok continues to think of Shin Chae Kyung, but seeing her closeness with Lee Yong makes him want to give a lesson to Shin Chae Kyung. Lee Yeok takes Shin Chae Kyung to Prince Jinsung’s grave and utters cruel words to her.

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Shin Chae Kyung is overwhelmed by feelings of guilt and pain. In front of Prince Jinsung’s grave, Chae Kyung stands there as rain pours over her and Lee Yong witnesses her crying. In the pouring rain, Lee Yong listens to Lee Yeok’s story, and is able to feel Shin Chae Kyung’s pain through her tears that continue to flow. Then he moves to her side and comforts her. Lee Yong wants to make sure whether Prince Jinsung is really dead or just being a person like him.

Then Shin Chae Kyung gets in danger. An assassin belonging to Im Sa Hong makes use of Shin Chae Kyung to capture Prince Jinsung. In the dark night, Lee Yeok suddenly appears in the middle of the crisis and pulls Shin Chae Kyung’s arm. Lee Yeok answers Shin Chae Kyung’s question as to why they should hide, “Even if we do nothing we may die”. That speech exactly matches Lee Yeok’s remark to Shin Chae Kyung in the past. Shin Chae Kyung wants to confirm Lee Yeok’s identity and embraces him by saying, “I’m right”. As if her heart had fallen and exploded, she weeps in sadness.

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The episode is full of sad and funny scenes. ‘Seven Day Queen’ is similar to a romantic comedy when Shin Chae Kyung comes to a pawnshop to meet Lee Yeok, to visit a memorable place in the past together. Shin Chae Kyung and Lee Yeok’s gestures give a sense of excitement to the viewers.

The drama also has a deep mellow element. Lee Yeok, who misses Shin Chae Kyung, has no choice but to say harsh things and hurt her. Being a person who does not know the truth, Shin Chae Kyung bursts into tears. Lee Yong’s sad feelings of seeing Shin Chae Kyung is pitiful. Various emotions have caused the viewers to be absorbed in the drama.

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