4 Korean Blush On Recommended by CastKo

Blush on is one of the makeup products you need to have, girls. In addition to making your face blush bright, this product can also balance your skin tones to look more natural and improve the fair shape to be proportional. Currently, blush on is being sold in various forms, such as powder, cream, tint and cushion blush on. CastKo will recommend you 4 blush of Korean brand by type:

1. Talent Cosmetic Sunwoo Cosme Crystal Dia Powder Blusher

Image Source: Sunwoo

Powder Blush On from Sunwoo is a Korean product that has been labeled as ‘halal’. Available in three colors pink, orange and highlight. This blusher has sebum control powder that can make it more durable. In addition, there is a pearl that can make the face brighter and shine. Comes in powder, this blush is suitable for oily skin because of its ability to absorb oil and not clot when sweating. How to apply it is quite easy you can use a finger or brush. Sunwoo Crystal Dia Powder Blusher can be bought online at a price of about 250 thousand rupiah.

2. Skinfood Rose Essence Cream Blush

Image Source: Skinfood

Packed in a sweet shape with a pink colored plastic material with a blend of color and sticker packaging filled with roses coupled with gold details. Thanks to its protective and moisturizing effect, this type of blush is the best choice for dry skin types. This blusher also absorbs and blends into the skin easily. Consists of 6 colors, # 1 Fenice, # 2 Milky, # 3 Apricot, # 4 Orange, # 5 Aqua, and # 6 Edge. Everything has the content of roses and fragrance is similar to rose. The results given are pigmented, moist and well blended. The price is around 115 thousand rupiah.

3. Etude House Dear Daling Water Tint and Cheek Stain

Image Source: Etude House

Using a tint for blusher is quite tricky because it can produce results that are too bright or uneven. Dear Darling Water Tint from Etude House is a 2in1 product that delivers satisfying results with its fruit elements. This cherry-colored product can be used to create gradient-colored lips and can also make it work twice as a super natural face blusher that gives health to the cheeks. Choice of cherry, peach and strawberry color suitable for skin with various tone. Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint can be bought for about 188 thousand rupiah.

4. Peripera Cushion Blusher

Image Source: Peripera

This cheek blusher has a cute and cute packaging. How to use with a little bit of liquid blush on the cushion, apply, and mix with the fingertips. You do not have to worry about looking messy because the texture is soft, and this product is good for summer because it is not cakey, and the result is very luminous and natural. The formula is a thin liquid, this product also quickly dries up to a smooth matte finish, like putting a primer on the face. The color choice is bright enough, so blush on from Peripera is probably best suited for pale skin.

Which is your favorite blush type, girls?