Kim Soo Hyun Follows Lee Byung Hun and Jun Ji Hyun’s Path by Portraying 2 Characters in One Movie

Ever since his debut, Kim Soo Hyun’s first time to play two characters in one work happens in ‘Real’, which makes a lot of people highly anticipating the movie.

Image Source: CJ Entertainment

‘Real’ tells the story of the big secret and conspiracy of two people in Asia’s largest casino. After 4 years, Kim Soo Hyun returns to the big screen by playing two characters in one film. Kim Soo Hyun is expected to follow Lee Byung Hyun’s footsteps in ‘Masquerade’ and Jun Ji Hyun’s footsteps in ‘Assassination’. Many critics also praised Kim Soo Hyun’s effort to play 2 characters at the same time.

In 2012, Lee Byung Hun played two characters in ‘Masquerade’, as King Gwanghae and a commoner named Ha Sun. In 2015, Jun Ji Hyun played two characters in ‘Assassination’, Ahn Okyun and Mitsuko.

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After the two South Korean top actors, now it’s Kim Soo Hyun’s turn to play 2 characters at once in the movie ‘Real’.

Jang Tae Young is an ambitious figure of Asia’s largest casino, who begins to question the identity of a mysterious man who promises an investion with enormous amount of money to him. Besides Jang Tae Young, Kim Soo Hyun also acts as Chang Tae Young.

The movie ‘Real’ will be released on June 28 in South Korea.

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