First Look at Kim Soo Hyun’s Two Characters in ‘Real’

On June 20th, CJ Entertainment released Kim Soo Hyun’s characters cut from the movie ‘Real’. He acts as two characters, Jang Tae Young and Jang Tae Young the suspicious investor.

The first still shows the character of Jang Tae Young, the casino owner. This character will face Song Yoo Hwa.

Image source: CJ Entertainment

The next still cut is the character of Jang Tae Young who appears as a suspicious investor. He shows up every time Jang Tae Young wants to invest. His face is wrapped in a transparent mask and wearing glasses, provoking the audience’s curiosity for what reason he is hiding.

The last still cut is the scene where the two people face each other. They seem to be in the same atmosphere and make the audience curious about the relationship between the two people.

Image source: CJ Entertainment

In the press conference, Kim Soo Hyun said, “I feel challenged to be portraying two characters.”

‘Real’ is a noir action film that tells the secrets and big conspiracies of the two men who conquer Asia’s biggest casino. The movie is set to be released in Korea on 28th of June.

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