Beauty Recommendation From CastKo Singapore: EUNYUL Horse Oil Anti-Wrinkle and Whitening Cream

Horse oil is a unique skincare ingredient that is currently trending in South Korea. There are so many benefits from applying horse oil to your skincare routine.  CastKo team proudly introduces this product: EUNYUL Horse Oil Anti-Wrinkle and Whitening Cream.

EUNYUL Horse Oil Anti Wrinkle & Whitening Cream is one of the many top excellent skin recovery creams in Korea. It contains horse oil that is widely known to have many benefits for your skin. This product has an aromatic citrus scent. It is equipped with a spatula which allows you to use the cream without much fuss.

EUNYUL Horse Oil is rich of some natural ingredients which are useful for your skin. First, EUNYUL Horse Oil Cream contains Green Tea Extract which gives antioxidant effect to soothe the skin. Second, it contains Aloe Vera Extract that helps you to moisturize the skin. Next, EUNYUL Horse Oil Cream contains Gold Extract to avoid wrinkles.

Interested to prove the amazingness of this cream? Try it on!