Song Ji Hyo, Park Shin Hye, and Jung Yoo Mi’s Tips to Delay Aging

If you are a woman who cares about your skin, then the most important thing is night care. The best time for skin regeneration is from 10 pm to 2 am. Depending on the condition of the skin, you will be able to maintain healthy skin during your lifetime using different skin care methods. Here is the night care routine of the actressses who could help you to delay aging.

Night Care Routine To Delay Aging:


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The beginning of the skin care routine at night is a cleanser. Especially if the face is exposed to dust and make up throughout the day, the skin will become tired. Therefore, cleansing the face is very important so that fatigued skin can breathe.

Clean the skin with cleansing oil or water gently to avoid irritation. Then, use a cleansing soap for the second stage. If you have a soft cleansing brush or pobling, use it to clean the pores. It will help completing the facial cleansing stage.

Exfoliate the Dead Skin

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Exfoliation treatment is necessary to ensure that our skin absorbs enough nutrients. If stratum corneum is accumulated on the skin, it can not absorb nutrients from cosmetics, so it will stick to the skin’s surface. It is good to treat our skin with keratin once or twice a week.

When exfoliating, use products that could minimize irritation. If we use a scrub that is too rough, it will make the facial skin better, but it will also cause irritation and wrinkles. Therefore, we recommend to use a peeling gel type of scrub rather than any other scrub.

Night Cream

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It is important to provide adequate nutrition for the skin if we have cleaned the skin through the stages of cleansing and skin care. Before going to bed, use creams to help the skin absorb moisture and proper nutrients. Especially at night, regenerative skin cells are active, so it is best to keep the skin in an optimal condition.

If you want the skin to stay bright and clean, use anti-aging products, especially products containing collagen or stem cells, which will make the skin more elastic. In addition, night cream products are more optimal for nighttime skin conditions than regular moisturizing creams, giving more effective relief to the skin at night.