‘Mountain Byun’ Park Jung Min x Kim Go Eun, Blasting with incredible chemistry

Movie ‘Mountain Byun’ has released the chemistry between Park Jung Min and Kim Go Eun.

‘Mountain Byun’ told a story of a young man named Hak Soo (Park Jung Min) who is an unknown rapper wanting to go to audition in Seoul yet he was dragged back to his hometown Mountain Byun and then later met Sun Mi (Kim Go Eun). ‘Mountain Byun’ successfully gained the viewers attention by showing off the changes of both Park Jung in and Kim Go Eun which never been revealed before where the two showed a perfect chemistry with a fun atmosphere.

image source: Megabox

In the released Stil-cuts, Park Jung Min played the role of a tough looking and unknown raper namped Hak Soo who was forced to return to his hometown by Sun Mi. The two of them are best friend since their school days and it turned out that the two of them successfully created a friendly atmosphere in the filming set. Park Jung Min is seen looking mischevious as he’s ready to make doole on Kim Go Eun’s face in the released still cuts.

image source: Megabox

The amazing chemistry between Park Jung Min and Kim Go Eun raised an expectation on this movie entitled ‘Mountain Byun’ which is set to air later in July.

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