‘Blue Busking’ Press Conference

Actor Jo Han Sun is back on the big screen with a new young adult movie, ‘Blue Busking’.

Image source: KSTAR

A lot of stars came to support Jo Han Sun. There was Sung Hoon who looked handsome in casual clothes. Actor Lee Ki Woo also appeared in the press conference. “This is the comeback movie of my bestfriend, Han Sun, so I cannot wait to see it. I hope everyone could enjoy this movie well. I will support it till the end. Han Sun fighting!”

Cho Jin Woong also delivered his support on screen “I’ve been waiting for a long time for this movie. I also played in this. I hope the viewers could be reminded of their youth when watching this. I hope the result will be good. ‘Blue Busking’ fighting!”

We hope ‘Blue Busking’ will receive a great love from viewers