The Casts of ‘My Father is Strange’ Show Their Support for ‘Anarchist from Colony’ Movie

The casts of ‘My Father is Strange’ gave their support for actor Min Jin Woong.

Min Jin Woong, who is currently playing ‘Byun Joon Young’ in the drama ‘My Father is Strange’, is one of the cast of the movie ‘Anarchist from Colony’. The casts of ‘My Father is Strange’ came to the cinema to support him.

Image source: K STAR

“We came to support Min Jin Woong. Please give a lot of love to this movie. I wish the film will be a success. Min Jin Woong, Fighting!”, said Lee Yu Ri, the lead actress of ‘My Father is Strange’.

Actor Ryu Soo Young, Ryu Hwa Young, Ahn Hyo Seop, Song Won Seok, and the actress who plays Min Jin Woong’s wife in ‘My Father is Strange’, Lee Mi Do, was also seen present. “I came to see Min Jin Woong in this movie. I can not wait for this movie. I will enjoy this movie. Thank you. ‘Anarchist from Colony’, fighting!” said Lee Mi Do.

The casts of ‘My Father is Strange’ came to support ‘Anarchist from Colony’. We also hope this movie will be successful.