[RANK AND TALK] 3 Korean Actors Whose Works Are Most-Awaited After Military Service

Entering military is an obligation to be followed by every South Korean man. All the Korean men who fulfill the criteria has to serve for their country and celebrities are no exception. Celebrities have about 21 months to fulfill their mandatory duties. Of the celebrities who are now following the draft, the following are the three most-anticipated celebrities to be out of milatary service.

1. Lee Seung Gi

Image Source: Star1

Lee Seung Gi is ranked first among the most anticipated celebrities to get out of military service. The man who was born on 13 January 1987, joined the military service in February last year. Lee Seung Gi is scheduled to leave on October 31st. The fans are eagerly waiting for him to re-act on the screen. What’s more, Lee Seung Gi is considering playing a role in the tvN drama ‘Hwayuki’.

2. Ji Chang Wook

Image Source: GQ

Actor born July 5, 1987 is ranked second as the most anticipated celebrity out of miltary service. Ji Chang Wook joined the army on August 14th, 2017. Before undergoing military service, Ji Chang Wook has completed filming the drama ‘Suspicious Partner’ with Nam Ji Hyun and has held a fan meeting to say goodbye to his fans. He is scheduled to finish his military service in May 2019. His most recent photo at the event at the military training center caught the attention of the fans.

3. Im Siwan

Image Source: MUINE

Im Siwan is an actor and singer born December 1st, 1988. Im Siwan joined the military on July 11th and is currently in military service. MBC drama ‘King Loves’ became his last acting project before serving his military service which began airing on July 17, 2017. Before starting his service, Im Siwan’s co-stars in dramas like Im Yoona had promised to visit him while serving. Im Siwan is scheduled to complete his military service in April 2019.