Yoona, Hyo Yeon, and Tae Yeon’s Adorable Look During ‘Sports Day’

SNSD’s Yoona, Hyo Yeon, and Tae Yeon show their cute charms.

Image Source: Instagram

On June 20, Yoona posted a photo on her personal Instagram. On the 19th, she went to Jeju Island to attend a workshop held together with other SM Entertainment artists.

Image Source: Instagram

A very cute aura. In the photo, Yoona poses with Tae Yeon and Hyo Yeon who both wear pink sportswear. The photo looks refreshing and attracts the attention of the fans.

Image Source: Instagram

Yoona also shows a photo of the silver medal and the certificate she gets while writing ‘SMTOWNFRIENDS WORKSHOP IN JEJU 2017’.

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