The Actors of Criminal Mind, ‘Son Hyun Joo’ and ‘Lee Jun Ki’ Are Shining in the Dark

Actor Son Hyun Joo and Lee Jun Ki performed a photo shoot with a black and white concept.

Image Source: Vogue

Son Hyun Joo and Lee Jun Ki did a Vogue magazine photo shoot for the upcoming July edition. The two actors emit their charisma while shooting is in the progress. With the concept of a photo like this, the two actors stand out more in the photo, and people can feel the different emotions than the usual.

Image Source: Vogue

Son Hyun Joo and Lee Jun Ki will greet their fans through the criminal investigation drama ‘Criminal Mind’, in which the drama tells about the profiling techniques to solve crime cases from the point of view of the criminals. The audience’s expectation of ‘Criminal Mind’ is very high because of the story is based on a famous TV series, and also because the casts are the famous stars who are already known for their quality.

Image Source: Vogue

Meanwhile, the interview on ‘Criminal Mind’ can be read through Vogue magazine’s July edition or via Korea Vogue’s official website.

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