Ahn Jae Hong Shows His Acting Skill Through ‘Fight for My Way’

Ahn Jae Hong showcases his acting skill through the role of Kim Joo Man in KBS 2TV’s drama, ‘Fight for My Way’. Ahn Jae Hong shows various side of himself, from pretending to be a dense guy to being a romantic guy, just like the personality of his character in this drama which adds the excitement that the public feels toward this drama.

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In the drama ‘Fight for My Way’ episode 10 (20/6) Ahn Jae Hong’s acting is extraordinary.

In this episode, Joo Man’s past is exposed. It shows his love story with Seol Hee for 6 years. In the present, his love problem with Seol Hee is different. In the past, Joo Man is very passionate and more honest. The audience can feel the difference between Joo Man’s love in the past and the present.

Image source: KBS

Joo Man who is currently dating for 6 years, shows a reality experienced by couples who have a long relationship. On the way home after dinner with friends, Joo Man conveys his disappointment to Seol Hee who looks still happy. Joo Man shows his guilt and wants to try better again. He shows an image of someone who is slowly getting tired of being in a relationship for so long.

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Joo Man himself did not realize the change in his feelings. Still showing that his heart is on Seol Hee. Joo Man is always thinking about Seol Hee expressing her feelings with attention.

Starting from the first sweet meeting to a change in his heart, Ahn Jae Hong’s emotional acting perfectly portrayed Kim Joo Man’s character until the audience was also dissolved in the feeling.

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