IU and PSY Joined A Military Concert for Lee Seung Gi

IU and Psy became the guest stars at a military concert. They both spared their time to show their loyalty to their fellow singer, Lee Seung Gi.

Image Source: ELLE

On June 30, IU and Psy performed at 13 Airborne Brigades in Chungbuk. At the concert held at 13 Airborne Brigade, IU, Psy and Lee Seung Gi performed with the Korean soldiers.

Image Source: InStyle

Psy has a special relationship with Lee Seung Gi. Lee Seung Gi’s debut song (I told you’re my girl) was written by Psy, and Lee Seung Gi was known as a Korean male solo artist thanks to this song. And the song ‘I’m Going To Military’ which is also a statement from himself before entering the military is also made by Psy.


IU and Lee Sung Gi have also attended Psy’s concert. On June 30th, IU and Psy showed a warm atmosphere with Lee Seung Gi who was undergoing the military service.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi will finish his military service in October, while Psy will hold a ‘Summer Swag’ concert later this month, and IU is preparing for her next activities.

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