Clara’s Way to Achieve the Perfect S-Line Body Shape

Actress Clara will tell you how to form a good S-Line body!

Even though she is tired after doing long shootings, Clara spends her spare time with stretching. “If you want to show six-pack in photos, you have to sweat a little,” she said, “Especially in summer time, I think we need to be more enthusiastic to maintain body shape and more eager to maintain our diet.”

Image source: K-STAR

For the sake of maintaining her body shape, Clara says, “I must not waver even for just a day. To cheer up myself when I’m on diet, I usually watch videos of the ‘Victoria Secret’ models. I learn a lot about how they do their regular exercise and how they maintain their diet.”

According to Clara, wearing leggings is another way to maintain body shape. “If you wear a training outfit, you’ll be more confident, you’ll also be more spirited in doing exercise. Because leggings are very tight, it will show the shape of your body, so I usually exercise with it. It makes me excited as I can see my own body shape.”

Image source: K-STAR

Clara also explained how to take photos of your S-line in detail. “First, if you want to make your waist looks slim, you have to show the curve of the body. Show the side. The waist should be rotated. If you want to show the sixpack, you also have to give a little strength. When you want to be photographed from the front, you have to aim the butt in one direction and fold the waist.”

With constant effort and habit, Clara can maintain her body shape.