The Spectacular Combination of PSY, IU, and Lee Seung Gi in Military Concert

PSY, IU, and Lee Seung Gi took photos together at the military concert.

Image Source: Instagram

On the 5th, PSY posted a photo on his personal Instagram while writing a caption with the hashtag such as “#LeeSeungGiDisguise #MilitaryConcert #IUdonatesHerTalent #PSYwithHisTalents”.

In the photo, PSY was standing with the background of the soldiers behind him, along with IU and Lee Seung Gi who wore army uniforms. All of them stood on the stage while doing the ‘manse’ pose by lifting both of their hands. Lee Seung Gi and IU who haven’t been seen for a long time and the combination with PSY created an amazing stage show.

On June 30th, PSY and IU performed a concert to celebrate the 13th Airborne Brigades with the theme of ’13 Airborne Brigades’ 40th Anniversary’. Lee Seung Gi who happens to be currently performing his military duty also participated in the event.

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