‘Ruler’ Tops The Rank in the Last Minute

‘Ruler’ King Yoo Seung Ho and L are at the peak of the battle in the last minute and this is the best moment of the drama.

Image Source: MBC

On July 7, according to Nielsen Korea rating agency, MBC ‘Ruler: Master of The Mask’ episode 35 and 36 aired on July 6, achieved ratings of 12.8% and 14.9% nationally. It exceeds the previous episode which only reached 14.4% and has reached a nearly 15% rating. The difference with the second place allows ‘Ruler’ to keep the top position.

On that day Yoo Seung Ho (Crown Prince Lee Seon) and L (Lee Seon the commoner) are facing each other. The fake King appears in front of the throne with the same costumes and masks. Park Chul Min (Woo Bo) looks at both while giving a warning of Joseon’s fate after the battle begins and the tension can be felt.

Image Source: SBS, KBS

‘Suspicious Partner’ which aired at the same time reached 8.0% and 9.2% and KBS 2TV ‘Seven Days Queen’ achieved a 4.2% rating.

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