5 Actors With Sweetest Dimples

Some actors have dimples when smiling. It makes them look really sweet. Who are they?

1. Shin Min Ah

Image Source: tvN, KBS

Shin Min Ah is already famous for her dimples long ago. If she smiles widely on the screen, everyone will be mesmerized by her.

2. Hyun Bin

Image Source: Esquire

Hyun Bin has dimples and that’s what makes many women fall in love with him. Hyun Bin has captured audiences’ hearts in every new drama and movie.

3. Lee Min Ho

Image Source: SBS

Lee Min Ho looks not only sweet but cool when smiling with dimples. Who does not fall in love with him and his dimples?

4. Kang Sora

Image Source: tvN

Kang So Ra recently attracts attention with her drama ‘Revolutionary Love’. Many say Kang So Ra is more beautiful and charming thanks to dimples she has.

5. Kim Min Gyu

Image Source: tvN

Kim Min Gyu recently draws attention after becoming one of the cast in the drama ‘Because this is My First Life’. Many people admire the sweet dimples as he smiles.