Yoona, Lee Sung Kyung, and Park Shin Hye’s Secret to Own A Bright Fair Skin

Yoona, Lee Sung Kyung, and Park Shin Hye are actresses who have a fair skin. Their glowing fair skin certainly makes everyone wants to have a skin like them. Their clear and bright skin, of course, makes the other women envious. What should we do to get a skin like them?

Starting from the most basic cleansing techniques, we will discuss the tips to have a bright and moist skin throughout the day.


Image source: Innisfree

Yoona who recently starred in the drama ‘The K2’ focused on moisturizing care to keep her clear skin. Due to having dry skin, she uses a beauty item that deals with moisture and uses light makeup such as foundation, mascara, and blush on. Usually, actresses do the filming under the bright light, or in a car that causes them to be in a dry environment. In order for the active ingredients in a moisturizing cream to sink in better, do light peeling 1-2 times a week.

Lee Sung Kyung

Image source: MBC

Thorough cleansing is the main rule for actresses to get the perfect skin. After washing her face, Lee Sung Kyung uses a moisturizing cream that is suitable for each season. She said that in the morning a moisturizing cream is applied lightly, but she will apply more at night. If she feels it is still not enough, she uses a sheet mask pack or a wash-off mask pack to give her skin the needed moisture and nutrients.

Park Shin Hye

Image source: SBS

To have a clean skin, make sure you remove the makeup perfectly. When having free time while filming, she washes her face and performs her skin care routine. Because washing the face too much can remove the skin moisture, for her it is very important to use a mild cleanser and wash the face in a short time.
When removing makeup, Park Shin Hye will use a pack that matches her skin condition that day. However, because the use of packs that too often can cause adverse effects on the skin, use only for 5-10 minutes.