Kim Hee Chul Talks about His Experience with Sasaeng Fans in ‘We Like Zines!’

On KBS’ ‘We Like Zines!’ episode which wa aired on July 11th, girl group Cosmic Girls come as guests.

In this episode, Kim Hee Chul, the MC of the show, will talk about his experience regarding sasaeng fans.

Image Source : KBS2

Heechul had a surprising incident regarding sasaeng fans back when he was still living in one dorm with other Super Junior members. He revealed that sasaeng fans once found the keys to their dorm’s front door, entered their dorm, then stole Heechul’s underwear. They even sent him a message after that, saying, “Oppa, your teddy underwear is very cute!’

To Cosmic Girls’ members, Heechul said that he had to change his phone number because he kept getting ‘underwear terror’ after that incident, but the sasaeng fans eeaily figured out his new number. “Even though you changed your number, we’ve already known that it was yours.”

“I was very terrified at that moment,” said Hee Chul. “We’ve actually heard about it from the internet,” said Cosmic Girls. “But we did not think that it actually happened.”

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