3 Romantic Dating Places to Visit in Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is a city that can be regarded as one of the romantic cities in South Korea. There are a lot of tourist places that can be visited with your lover in this city. These places can be one of the dating destinations in Seoul when visiting South Korea with your lover!

1.Namsan Tower

Image Source: Korea Tourism Organization

This tourist destination is one of the must-visit places while visiting Seoul, South Korea. Here, you can put a padlock with your self-written message or with only your name and your significant other’s name, then you should throw the key of the padlock. Myth is, when a pair of lovers put a padlock that already inscribed their name, their relationship will last forever.

2.The Banpo Bridge

Image Source: Korea Tourism Organization

If you often watch Korean drama, you would have been familiar with this place. Banpo Bridge is one of the romantic places to be visited with your beloved lover. From this side of the bridge, you can see the scenery of Han River and Namsan Tower. It will be better if you spend time in this place while eating Korean food such as Chimek (Chicken + Maekju), Jajangmyeon, Mandu and others.

3. The Cheonggyecheon River

Image Source: Korea Tourism Organization

This river is one of the famous river in Korea besides Han river. If you are in Seoul, you will regret it if you do not visit the Cheonggyecheon river. In this river, you can try your luck by throwing coins into one of the holes at the edge of this river. At night, this river is perfect to be visited with your significant other. Accompanied by the lights around the river, making the romantic atmosphere can be increasingly felt.