We Like Zines, Kim Hee Chul’s New Reality Show

‘We Like Zines’ is a new reality show depicting the lives of superstars in a ‘book’ format with Lee Kyung Kyu, Ahn Jae Woo and Kim Hee Chul as the ‘authors’ of the books.

The first author is Ahn Jae Woo, whose ‘book’ is going to be about social lives. ” Books on social life are famous today. Because many people are interested to know issues on social lives, it becomes a hot issue among the public,” said Jae Woo. Next author is Kim Hee Chul, who is very interested in girlgroups, so he writes about girlgroups. “I’m interested in writing stories about girls who dream of becoming a girl group,”

Please look forward to Lee Kyung Kyu, Ahn Jae Hwan and Kim Hee Chul’s self-made books in the latest reality show, ‘We Like Zines’.