Lee Joon Ki Learns How to Perform a Magic Trick for ‘Criminal Minds’

In tvN’s upcoming Wed-Thu drama, ‘Criminal Minds’, Lee Joon Ki will appear as the male lead named Kim Hyun Joon. Kim Hyun Joon is a field agent for NCI’s crime behavior analysis team, which combines the ability to uncover cases with their profiling techniques.

Image Source : Namoo Actors

Lee Joon Ki has a good reputation as an actor who will always do his best to prepare himself before starring in a drama. For ‘Criminal Minds’, the actor learned how to perform a magic trick, because there is a scene where his character showed a magic trick in front of children who are undergoing psychotherapy.

In addition, Lee Joon Ki also learned Russian martial art called ‘Sistema’. The martial art director of ‘Criminal Minds’ praised Lee Joon Ki for his effort. “He’s good at it now.” Lee Joon Ki has performed many action scenes, as he often stars in various historical and modern dramas. Some people even call him ‘Unlimited action actor’.

‘Criminal Minds’ will premiere on July 26th at 22.50 KST in tvN.

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