EXO Chanyeol: “When I Like Something, I Will Spend a Lot of Money on It.”

EXO Chanyeol revealed a little bit about his personality. On July 19th, EXO date appeared on SBS Power FM show ‘Cultwo Show’. That day, Chanyeol said something about his personality: “I’m the kind of person who will do anything when I like something.”

Image Source : SBS

But other EXO members added that Chanyeol’s hobby sometimes interferes their lives. “One day, I was in love with mini cars. I prefer to play it in Kai’s room,” Chanyeol shared. Kai added, “My room is usually clean and neat. One day when I came back from work, I was surprised to find a mini cars-track on my room. Turned out it was Chanyeol’s. He was so proud of his collections.”

“I used to love bowling, at the moment I prefer golf. But recently I hurt my hands so I’m taking a break from golf.” Chanyeol went on.

Image Source : SBS

“When he likes something, he’d keep doing it again and again. he’d also invest a lot of my money on it,” said other members. “When he’s fond of mini cars, he always bought the expensive ones.”

On July 18th, EXO officially released their 4th full album, ‘The War’. Their newest title track, ‘Ko Ko Bop’, is dominating domestic and internal music charts at the moment.

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