Song Joong Ki Smoothly Answers Questions Regarding Song Hye Kyo during ‘The Battleship Island’ Press Conference

The press conference of ‘Battleship Island’ was held on July 19th. That day, groom-to-be Song Joong Ki answered questions regarding his upcoming marriage to Song Hye Kyo. The media’s huge interest in Song Joong Ki made the premiere of ‘Battleship Island’ attended by more reporters than usual press conferences. The reporters cannot hide their interest and curiosity regarding Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s relationship.

Image source: K-STAR

“I’m from Chung Dae, I want to ask a question for Song Joong Ki, but this has nothing to do with the movie,” one reporter said. “Song Hye Kyo has previously received an advertisement offer, she said if the advertisement comes from a company that is owned by Hashima Island, she would not do it. I wanted to ask, is it related to ‘Battleship Island’?”

“To be honest, I first knew about Hye Kyo’s rejection of the ad from an article,” Joong Ki answered. “When I read it, I silently cheered for her. Even though the ad came to me, I think I would do the same. If I face the same situation, I will have done the same. And as someone that I love, I think she really did something nice.”

Although there is no direct account of their wedding preparation, every time Song Hye Kyo’s name was mentioned,
we can see a glimpse of the groom-to-be’s happiness. Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki’s role in ‘Battleship Island’ reminds us of Yoo Si Jin of ‘Descendant of the Sun’. “When I think about it, I can agree with it. I did not even think about the previous drama while filming, but when it was aired I just started to realize the similarities between my characters.” Joong Ki said about the two characters.

Image source: K-STAR

Although in ‘Battleship Island’ Song Joong Ki only appears alone, during the credit at the end of ‘Battleship Island’, Song Hye Kyo’s name was also written. “Song Hye Kyo once sent food and coffee truck on set. Song Hye Kyo’s agency is the same agency as actor Yoo Ah In, and we are old friends, so we write down the names of the people who gave us food during filming.”

Many people want to see her (Song Hye Kyo) attending the premiere. According to media, Song Hye Kyo’s name was listed in a special invitation list, but Song Hye Kyo’s agency said, “Unfortunately, she (Song Hye Kyo) can not participate because she has a schedule abroad.”

Public interest in Song Song Couple will likely to continue for a long time!