‘The King Loves’ Released A Summary of The Characters Relationship

MBC’s special drama ‘The King Loves’ released a summary that made this drama easy to understand. Wang Won (Im Siwan), Eun San (Im Yoona), and Wang Rin (Hong Jong Hyun), the emotions of the three people and their triangle love story grew rapidly in these 4 episodes. In the released summary, the relationships are not only among the main characters, but it also includes other characters. The public is also curious about the other tales in this drama.

Image Source: MBC

‘Tsundere Euntoker’ is Wang Won’s nickname. Although Wang Won looks normal in front of Eun San, he watches over Eun Sang secretly. Not only that, he gives Eun San permission to kill him, he said he will continue to see her and begins to express his feelings openly. His honesty keeps the viewers interested with him.

“I want to get it first”, said Wang Rin. He finds Eun San first and starts liking her, but he is unable to say it. Unlike Wang Won’s boldness, he is more hesitant and hides his love for Eun San.

Image Source: MBC

Eun San is grateful of Wang Won and Wang Rin. Eun San remembers the two men delivering her mother’s last message 7 years ago and feeling grateful. But knowing that she works as a housekeeper at Eun Young Baek’s house, all relationships are cut off. What kind of progress that will this drama show is making the viewers feel curious. The triangle love story between Eun San, Wang Won, and Wang Rin which is like ‘Wishing for one’s heart’ is making the public curious.

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