[RANK AND TALK] 6 Top Korean Couples Who Aren’t in the Same Agency

Love does come unexpectedly. Someone will never know when the cupid fired an arrow of love toward them. Korean celebrities are also the same, they are still people who have the rights to be in a relationship. Although there are some celebrities who become lovers because they come from the same agency or involved in the same project. Not a few Korean celebrities suddenly get caught in love. Who are they?

1. Lee Seung Gi and Yoona

Image Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine, Dazed Magazine

This couple is a couple that is loved by the fans. But the news of Lee Seung Gi and Yoona are in a relationship comes rather abruptly, because these celebrities that come from different agencies and professions are rarely found appearing in the same event. However, Seung Gi did say that his ideal type is Yoona. Unfortunately, their relationship has ended back in August 2015.

2. Zico Block B and Seolhyun AOA

Image Source: Beauty + Magazine, Mind Bridge

The news of Zico Block B and Seolhyun AOA relationship is quite surprising. The reason is because these two idols are rarely seen together until Dispatch successfully reported the Visual of AOA when she’s visiting Zico’s apartment. Unfortunately the relationship did not last long, few months after the news, both of them decided to part ways.

3. Hani EXID and Junsu JYJ

Image Source: Dazed Magazine, Arena Magazine

The news of Hani EXID and Junsu JYJ’s closeness is also quite surprising. Because both are never seen together, they also come from different agencies and are rarely reunited in the same project. Just like Seolhyun-Zico, finally the couple whose relationship got revealed in the beginning of 2016 ago decided to part ways.

4. BoA and Joo Won

Image Source: The Singles Magazine, The Celebrity Magazine

The relationship between BoA and Joo Won is also quite appalling to K-pop fans. Because BoA and Joo Won are rarely seen performing together but suddenly they are reported to be dating. It is also rumored that the matchmaker of this couple is BoA’s own friend, Yunho TVXQ. Is it true?

5. Lee Min Ho and Suzy

Image Source: Harper Bazaar Magazine, InStyle Magazine

The couple that comes from different field of profession is suddenly rumored dating in 2015. Lee Min Ho is the first to fall in love with the beauty of the Nation’s First Love, Suzy. Until now they are still in a relationship. Hope their relationship will last long!

6. Soyul Crayon Pop and Moon Hee Joon

Image Source: KOEN Stars

The latest and the hottest one is the relationship of Soyul Crayon Pop and Moon Hee Jun. Without any rumor prior to their relationship, this couple suddenly announced to be married soon. In 2017, the couple that comes from different generations will officially become husband and wife. Congratulations!