Jo Jung Suk Talks about His Perfect Summer Vacation

After holding his fan meetings in Taiwan, Thailand, Jepang, and other countries, Jo Jung Suk will greet his Korean fans again!

Jo Jung Suk, who’s wearing blue pants and white shirts, looks like he’s going on a summer vacation. “Summer vacation… mmm… I don’t know. I think there won’t be any summer vacation for me.” said the actor. “Because of shooting, I’m thinking of going to a certain province during summer. Looking for delicious restaurants is my kind of vacation.”

Jo Jung Suk, who is busy filming [Drug King], says that his summer vacation was also filmed. Summer vacation is too dear to be missed, so Jo Jung Suk has released a video of ‘it-item list’ for summer vacation. Jo Jung Suk shows his emotions with a sweet and passionate appearance like a real boyfriend The women’s hearts stealer will continue to dazzle in the future.