Kim Jae Joong Is Afraid to be Forgotten by the Public After His 2 Years Hiatus

Actor Kim Jae Joong expressed his feelings after performing KBS2 drama ‘Man-Hole: Feels So Good’ before completing his military service.

Kim Jae Joong recently did a photo shoot and interview with the @ star1 magazine for the August edition.

Image Source: Star1 Magazine

Kim Jae Joong was asked, “Are you worried you will be forgotten when you enter the military?” in an interview after the filming. Kim Jae Joong said, “I am most worried that I will be forgotten, so I want to continue doing this work”. Then he continued, “The military service is an obligation, but I cannot help the fear of being away from the industry”.

Kim Jae Joong said, “It’s been 14 years, there are times when memories can become real from decades ago. So fresh and still amazing every time,” he said, remembering the past. Then Kim Jae Joong who is currently preparing KBS2 drama ‘Mah-Hole: Feels So Good’ says, “This is a fun drama that can be seen with a smile and will make you feel refreshed, so please anticipate the drama!”.

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