MONSTA X Releases Group Photos for ‘Newton’

On July 20th, the official agency of Monsta X released a summer-themed photo shoot on their SNS along with the caption: ‘2017.7.27 6:00 PM MONSTA X – NEWTON!’

Image Source : Starship Entertainment

The released album pictures contain the exciting moments of Monsta X members who are on vacation with the backdrop of blue skies and sea. In contrast to their charismatic figure, the smile of the members made the album filled with freshness and cheerfulness.

Previously, the agency had raised fans’ expectations by releasing individual teasers for ‘NEWTON’ on V APP, INSTAGRAM, and Twitter.

Image Source : Starship Entertainment

The special single, ‘Newton’, is a song that expresses the desire of someone who likes someone else. On top of the emotional EDM music are the lyrics and melodies, completed by the sophisticated rap of Monsta X I AM and Joo Heon. ‘Newton’ expresses the intensity of Monsta X’s unique strength, and it is expected to give birth to Monsta X’s soft and powerful summer song.

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