Kim Soo Hyun Gets A Lot of Love From the Movie He Starred Before Military

Kim Soo Hyun has gotten a lot of love from the film industry and broadcasting industry.

Although the movie ‘Real’ which he starred in is failed to reach the box office, his performance and appearance are recognized by the public.

Image Source: CJ Entertainment

In particular, at the last press interview, Kim Soo Hyun expressed his desire to join the military after finishing a movie and drama series.

On July 11, Kim Soo Hyun said, “There are more questions about my confirmation regarding my appearance in dramas or movies than usual”.

The military registration notice for Kim Soo Hyun has yet to come, but after in 2015 he starred in the drama ‘Producer’, he said he would be careful in choosing the next movie just because he had prepared himself for the movie ‘Real’ in the last two years.

Image Source: CGV

Kim Soo Hyun is predicted to be a social worker due to his illness since he was a child, but he wants to join as an active service officer and will be re-examined for the active registration.

On June 28, the movie ‘Real’ has premiered, the film only managed to attract 450,000 viewers and has so far received fierce criticism from the audience. However, Kim Soo Hyun’s acting in the film was well received.

On July 6, hundreds of Chinese fans watched the movie ‘Real’ in CGV theater, thus showing their status as Hallyu stars.

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