The Fierce Competition Between ‘A Man Who Dies to Live’, ‘Reunited World’, and ‘Seven Day Queen’

MBC drama ‘A Man Who Dies To Live’, SBS drama ‘Reunited Worlds’, and KBS 2TV ‘Seven Day Queen’ are competing with a difference of only 1% rating.

Image Source: MBC

On the 28th according to Nielsen Korea’s ratings agency, ‘A Man Who Dies To Live’ which aired on the 27th, earned a rating of 8.0% and 9.2% nationwide.

‘A Man Who Dies To Live’ still dominates in the Wednesday and Thursday drama slot.

But there was a sign of change in the drama ratings as seen from the ‘Reunited Worlds’ rating that slowly rise at the same time.

Image Source: SBS, KBS

The latest episodes of ‘Reunited Worlds’ earned 7.2% and 8.0% rating that is slightly higher than the previous rating.

‘Seven Day Queen’ which will end soon, also raised 1% from the average rating of 7.7%.

It’s time to see how the drama rating will continue to vary depending on the attitude of the viewers.

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