The Main Point to Watch ‘Whisper’

‘Whisper’ which is starring Lee Bo Young is able to score 13,9% rating in its first episode and tops the rating. This drama is gaining the public’s attention, especially after ‘Defendant’ which is starring Ji Sung has come to an end. Their visit to each other filming spot also becomes a hot topic.

Image source: K-Star

Not only that, the public is also eager to see the meeting of Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Bo Young after ‘Seo Young, My Daughter’. “Honestly, Lee Bo Young is the first one to agree to play in this drama. I quickly agreed to play as well considering that I will work again with her”, said Lee Sang Yoon. Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Bo Young meet again after 5 years. In ‘Whisper’, it is rumored that they will have a different love story unlike in ‘Seo Young, My Daughter’

Image source: K-Star

Lee Sang Yoon reveals there is a mellow adult story in this drama. Lee Sang Yoon tries his first ‘bed scene’ through this drama. Lee Sang Yoon reveals, “Truthfully, (bed scene) is the first time for me. It really is the first time for me to do it”. Moreover, Lee Bo Young appears as a ‘girl crush’ with the action scenes as a police. Will Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Bo Young be able to attain a big success just like ‘Seo Young, My Daughter’ through ‘Whisper’, the audience is eager to find out.