Nam Ji Hyun Admits That Acting is a Job that She Enjoys the Most

Pictures from Nam Ji Hyun’s recent photoshoot with THE STAR has just been released. In the photoshoot, Nam Ji Hyun appears with soft-colored feminine outfits, looking like a fairy.

Image Source : The Star Magazine

Prior to the shoot, Nam Ji Hyun was interviewed regarding her recently completed drama, SBS’ ‘Suspicious Partner’. She was asked whether the character of Noh Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) was close to her ideal type, and Nam Ji Hyun replied, “There are aspects that are similar to my ideal type. I think he is a dreamlike character because it is a drama character. He is a man who can not hate a woman.”

What kind of romance drama that Nam Ji Hyun wanted to do next? “Sometimes I want to portray a dependable woman character.” The actress was also asked if there was another job that she wanted to do besides acting, and she replied, “Acting is something I can not abandon, and even if I try to do other jobs, it will be hard to find a job that gives me the same responsibility and joy as much as acting,” Showing her endless love and passion for acting.