The Competition Between SNSD and WINNER Is The Reflection of the Fierce Competition Between the Two Agencies?

On August 4, SNSD and WINNER released their new album simultaneously. SNSD is celebrating their 10th anniversary through their recent comeback, and Winner releases a new song with in a series that is related to a song released last spring.

First of all, SNSD debuted on August 5, 2007, and worked hard on their album this time. After announcing their 10th anniversary celebration, the second leap followed right after. SNSD, who is considered as the most famous Korean girl group, is an idol group representing SM Entertainment. As a full group or in units, solos, or as actresses, entertainers, and models, they have an all-round power. SNSD is also not only limited as a symbol or representative of SM. They also already have a global fandom in Asia.

Image Source: SM Entertainment

In their 6th regular new album ‘Holiday Night’, they focus on the beautiful girl concept with the double track ‘All Night’ and ‘Holiday’. Both of the tracks are in a 10th anniversary celebration concept. The members also give a lot of love in the lyrics. On August 5th, they will be holding a fan meeting for their 10th anniversary at Seoul Olympic Hall with their fans.

On the other hand, WINNER, who released their debut album on August 12, 2014 under YG Entertainment, became phenomenal with their title track that could occupy the first position as their debut song. However, the fandom was weakened as their activities in Japan are carried out more than the activities in Korea, and in November 2016, Nam Tae Hyun who had a dispute with members also resigned from the group. Of course, the view against WINNER becomes a bit negative.

Image Source: YG Entertainment

In April, WINNER continued its activities with the rest four members. Most importantly, the new song ‘Really Really’, has left the existing WINNER sensibility and feels bright and refreshing, certainly attracting the public’s attention. It was a bold change. At 4:00 pm on the 4th of August, the new song ‘Love Me, Love Me’ also occupies the first position on the Melon music charts. WINNER, of course, restores YG’s pride as a big agency.

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