‘Strongest Deliveryman’ Depicts the Real Struggle of Young Adults

The second episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Strongest Deliveryman’ (5/8) showed a tough teenage life that gives rise to a sense of empathy from the viewers. Among the characters, Lee Dan A’s character (Chae Soo Bin) was the one that viewers sympathized the most.

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In the episode, Lee Dan A went to language school early in the morning. She works in a language school voluntarily so she could learn English for free. “I only have about 6 hours of sleep because of this. I’ll sleep after I die,” Lee And A said to herself.

However, she continued to receive unpleasant news. Her mother asked Dan A to pay her brother’s school fee because their house’s rent will rise. Lee Dan A rejected her mother’s request. In the midst of this frustrating situation, Lee Dan A’s image provided a sense of familiarity for the viewers.

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The reason why Lee And A’s life was so hard was because her family suffered from debt. Lee Dan A left home, saying that she would not live like her mother. She was forced to give up on going to college.

In addition, the viewers also sympathize with the figure of Choi Gang Soo (Ko Gyung Pyo), who shows a deep sense of friendship with his friends who also work as delivery men. In a scene, Choi Gang Soo scolded his friend who complained about his mother’s illness. The young adults that were presented in the drama portrayed a resemblance to young adult’s life in the real world.

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The drama also depicted Oh Jin Gyu’s injured father and Lee Ji Yoon who is struggling to work part-time in order to live independently.

‘Strongest Deliveryman’ focuses on the life of a young delivery man named Choi Gang Soo. The drama is aired every Friday and Saturday at 11 pm.

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