‘Uhm Bok Dong’ Featuring Rain, Lee Beom Soo, and Kang So Ra Have Started Filming on April 18

The movie ‘Uhm Bok Dong’ which is starring Rain, Lee Beom Soo, Kang So Ra, and Min Hyo Rin, is reported to have started filming on April 18th (Thursday) in Namyangju. ‘Uhm Bok Dong’ develops a true story about a Korean hero who risked his life in order to reclaim the country from the Japanese colonization named ‘Uhm Bok Dong’, who is known as a cyclist hero during the Japanese era.

Image source: NYLON, SURE

Rain, who is famous through various films in the country and overseas, will be back to the big screen through the character ‘Uhm Bok Dong’. The character ‘Uhm Bok Dong’ which he will play is a character who has the opportunity to become a cyclist and has a strong will to defeat Japan. The public is looking forward to the humor and emotional feelings that Rain will portray through his character.

Image source: W, Marie Claire

Plus, Lee Beom Soo will play as ‘Hwang Jae Ho’, a patriot who always supports Korean cyclists. Kang So Ra who becomes famous through the drama ‘Misaeng’, and ‘My Lawyer, Mr.Jo’ got the role as ‘Kim Hyung Sin’, a patriotic girl who lost her father in the war. Min Hyo Rin will play as ‘Kyeong Ja’, the manager of the Korean racing team.

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