Kim Ha Neul Admits to be More Talkative after Becoming a Wife

On August 7th, High Cut magazine released some pictures from their photoshoot with actress Kim Ha Neul.

Image Source: High Cut

Kim Ha Neul has played in many movies and dramas such as ‘Blind’, ‘You Pet’, and ‘Misbehavior’. During the interview, Kim Ha Neul said, “I always want to see other actors’ dramas or movies. I wonder what does it feels like to focus and spend time on set rather than caring too much about editing.” The actress also revealed her future goal in acting. “I want to receive an award as a senior. Nowadays, there are not so many movies with good actors. Every time I go to the premiere of a movie, I will envy the 10 actors standing there because they look so happy.”

Image Source: High Cut

Kim Ha Neul admits that she discovered something new about herself after getting married. She said, “Before I got married, I did not know that there were so many things that I wanted to say. However, whenever I’m with my husband, I always want to talk about anything. I’d keep talking on an on, even though I have a sore throat.”

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